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Native American Jewelry! March 04 2014

Do you remember Howard Kaiyo Racine, who owned a store called Sacred World in my same location for 13 years? He is now my supplier of authentic, Native American Jewelry! It is very exciting to have Kaiyo's items back in this location, and I must hear weekly from people who come in still looking for him and his wonderful jewelry (5 years later)! Most of his items are Zuni and Navajo - and some pieces are signed. All are sterling, .925 silver and feature gorgeous, genuine turquoise, onyx, coral, spiny oyster, sugilite and other natural stones. The prices on this jewelry are outstanding.

Please come in and check-out these unique pieces, and I am happy to pass your greetings along to Kaiyo also! I am also happy to take photos of products and email or text them to you if desired - as I can ship anything!